Restoration Services

French Polishing - Whether improving an original french polished finish or re-polishing a dining table, we use traditional methods.
Household Interiors  - can be stripped, repaired, and/or re-polished to the highest standards, keeping the patination we all value. This work often incorporates the restoration of staircases, panelling, floorboards, beams, doors, windows and shutters.
Fitted Furniture - we make and install bespoke furniture, from simple shelves to complete studies, wardrobes and chests of drawers.
Wax Polishing - Many pieces look much better if wax polish is used to give a mellow lustre, rather than the mirror finish associated with french polishing
  Stripping and Refinishing - Paint and varnish can be removed using Non-Caustic methods. There are great benefits to be gained by not using caustic soda. These include not soaking the wood in a corrosive solution, old glued joints are not attacked and weakened and there is no possibility of salts re-appearing in the wood.
  Upholstery - Traditional or contemporary upholstery can be accomodated. Any framework repairs are carried out before the new materials are applied.
Cane and Rush - We can undertake repairs on any items, from a single bedroom chair to a bergiere suite, to a set of ladderback dining chairs. We can then match to other pieces in a set of chairs, etc.
  Leatherwork - We undertake leatherwork repairs and renovations, including leatherwork for desks, which are ordered and fitted in 12 colours with various combinations of blind and gold tooling.
  Brasswork - We carry out braising repairs in our workshop, so it is possible to save a damaged original handle. If an item is missing we offer a copying service to exactly match other fittings.
Locks and Keys - Locks can be repaired and serviced or replaced if necessary. We also carry a vast range of keys in stock, which may enable us to find a matching key, or alter one to suit your lock.
  Insurance - We regularly undertake insurance projects.Our service includes Free Estimates and Advice locally.
We make a small charge for written quotations, but this is refundable on completion of the work if undertaken by ourselves.
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